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Tustin Ranch Elementary

A Message from Mrs. Denny

September 17, 2021

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch (Tustin Ranch)...

It has been a GREAT week! Routines are starting to stick, but we will continue to work on this. Parent-Teacher conferences are next week. This is a wonderful opportunity to discuss one of your most favorite people with their teacher, who also thinks they are awesome! Please be sure to attend and be on time. Each conference is only 15-20 minutes. Every day next week will be early dismissal (just like Wednesdays).

Our TRE Dads group came and played games at recess with our students and the students LOVED it! If you are a dad, grandpa, or uncle and would like to be a part of the TRE DADs Crew please email trepta@gmail.com.

Trunk or Treat is coming (October 14). If you have a TRUNK you'd like to decorate and you'd like to pass out goodies please sign up HERE. There are 35 TRUNK spots available. Each trunk must be fully self-contained. All items must be individually wrapped in sealed wrapping. All items handed out must be appropriate for children.

Emails and phone messages: Please note that our staff will return emails and phone messages within 24 hours of receiving the message, during school hours, or the following workday after a weekend.

Parking lot volunteers: If you would like to volunteer to help the traffic flow through our parking lot either before or after school, please email me.

Have a wonderful weekend. We will see you Monday!

Mrs. Denny

Proud TRE Principal

Upcoming Important Dates

September 20-24: Conference Week (minimum days) - All conferences are virtual unless in-person is requested by teacher or parent.

September 21: School Site Council Mtg. 3:00 PM

September 29: Laps with Loved Ones

October 1st: Teacher Work Day - No Students

October 6: Walk to School Day

October 14: Trunk or Treat 4:40 PM

October 21: Great ShakeOut!

October 21: Mr. Yeiser Assembly

**Vision and Hearing tests have been rescheduled for after Winter Break.

Paws For The Cause


Please donate toward Paws for the Cause to support programs, field trips, assemblies, and family events. Our campaign asks for a dollar a day (180 school days = $180. or $365 for a full year), but any amount would be amazing!

The class with the most participation by October 1st gets to Slime The Principal!

UPDATE: Mr. Porter is in the lead, but Ms. Guns class is gaining on them! We still have two weeks. Donate now so your child's class can win!

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TRE DAD CREW - Thanks for Playing With Us Today!

A Message From our PTA

Are you interested in volunteering? Please sign-up by clicking THIS LINK.

Tustin Ranch PTA has a website and an App for your phone. Check it out!


We would love for you to join our PTA. Your input and participation in the development of our programs and your child's elementary school is very important to us! Please use THIS link to sign-up and/or donate to our annual PAWS for a CAUSE fundraiser. We are hoping that our families can donate a dollar a day ($180. for 180 school days or $365 for a full calendar year) the funds raised go toward Family Night events, field trips, technology, classroom supplies, assemblies, and more!

School Site Council

Please welcome our 2021-2022 School Site Council - Two Year Term. All stakeholders are welcome to join our School Site Council meetings. Our first meeting will be Tuesday, September 21st. All meetings will be held on Google Meet.


Yuri Reyes (2nd Year)

Dilandria Roberson (1st Year)

Charles Faithful (1st Year)

Alyssa Brakke (1st Year)

Shana Coleman (1st Year)

Sofia Park (1st Year)

Brent Alban (1st Year)


Mrs. Denny

Mrs. Dillon

Miss Davidson

Ms. Ellis

Mrs. Gillispie

Mrs. Eddins

Ms. Chaplin

Tustin Ranch Parking Lot Map

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Tustin Ranch Dress Code

Education Law does allow public schools to establish a dress code.

Student Dress Codes are established to:

● Promote a climate and culture where scholar focus is on learning

● Promote a productive safe instructional environment

While society reflects a wide range of personal expression in clothing, grooming, and accessories, the quality of scholar work and behavior is affected by personal appearance. Scholars are expected to wear clothing that is clean, neat, appropriate, and safe.

TUSD Dress Code:

To eliminate misinterpretations of the dress code, the following dress standards shall be enforced:


· No tight/revealing shirts (workout tops, undergarments showing, see-through, low-cut, etc.)

· Undergarments must not be visible (including sports bras)

· No bare midriff/crop tops (If skin shows when arms are raised the top is too short.)

· No spaghetti straps, bare shoulders, or shirts with less than one-inch straps

· No halter or swimwear tops

· No tube tops

· No “underwear” style tank tops

· No shirts with oversize armholes showing torso area

No hood from hoodies worn at school unless it is raining


· No short-shorts or micro-mini skirts (minimum 5” inseam)

· No excessively loose or baggy pants/shorts

· Pants/shorts must be worn at the waistline

· Hems must be sewn; no frayed, split, or pinned legs

· Pants may not drag on the ground, or have rips or holes.

· Pants/shorts may not allow undergarments to be exposed

· No excessively long, untied, or dangling belts

· Overall straps must be worn over the shoulders and buttoned


· Footwear which is safe for school activities must be worn at all times

· Footwear must be closed toe and closed back

Dangerous Jewelry/Objects

· No chains, or sharp dangly earrings

· No dagger style ear plugs

· No riveted dog collars or raised rings

· No chains for wallets or on masks

· No laser light pens (Scholars shall be cited as per Penal Code Sections 417.25 and 417.27.)

Other Inappropriate Attire

Clothing, apparel, and jewelry shall be free of writing, pictures, or any other insignia that is crude, vulgar, profane, demeaning, sexually suggestive, or which advocates or promotes racial, ethnic, religious, sexual prejudice or strife, or which relates to the use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol.

· No sex/sexual comments/innuendoes

· No drugs or references to drugs (blunt, 13, hemp, marijuana leaf, 4:20, etc.)

· No tobacco product names or trademarks

· No liquor products or bar names or trademarks/logos

· No depicting a person engaged in illegal activities (tagging, weapons, etc.)

· No hats/caps/hoods indoors, and must follow the guidelines above.

· No visible tattoos

*No hats/caps/hoods worn in the classroom. No hoods unless raining.

*Teachers and staff may have students remove or put away non- essentials items (ie: hats, jewelry, personal items, accessories, etc.) either in or out of the classroom if they are causing a disruption or are distracting other students.

*Please label all water bottles, lunch boxes, jackets, and removable clothing items with your child’s name. These items are commonly left on the playground, and as we do our best to return labeled items to the proper owner, unlabeled items will be placed in the Lost & Found located outside the Multi-Purpose Room.