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Brief description of hurricanes

Hurricanes can cause flooding, powerful winds, tornadoes and rip tides.

Hurricanes form when their is warm, moist air.

Hurricanes can destroy gigantic houses.

Intro to hurricanes

Hurricanes can destroy houses by putting signs, rocks, and cars into it's way.

Hurricanes can cause issues with health by spreading military fever, pneumonic plague and the West Nile virus, all these issues are caused by pollution in the water.

Hurricanes can cause a lot of deaths.

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How hurricanes can affect homes and habitats

Do you know how hurricanes can affect homes and habitats?

Hurricanes can affect homes and habitats by raising water levels who does a lot of bad things.

Also, if you change the salinity of the water, saltwater animals will die automatically because there is no more salt in the water.

Sea turtles nests can also get blown away because of the wind, if they get blown away then their predators won't be able to eat them which includes Tiger sharks and killer whales.

Also, people who are struggling in the water might get suffocated.

High class and middle class might get affected too because signs, traffic lights ETC. might smash into the house.

That is why you should watch out when a hurricane is happening because signs, traffic lights ETC. can bump your house down!

How hurricanes can affect health

Hurricanes can cause diseases like military fever, pneumonic plague, and the break bone fever. These diseases are caused by pollution of water, inadequate food and water supplies ETC.

Pollution of water can cause a lot of bad things such as death of aquatic animals, destruction of ecosystems ETC.

Inadequate food/water supplies can cause hungriness and diseases.

Military fever can cause typhoid fever, also the government shutdown so they won't be able to help.

pneumonic plague can cause lots of bad things such as weakness, shortness of breath and chest pain.

Hurricanes can also bring the West Nile virus. It can cause lots of bad things such as fever, headaches, body aches, mild rashes and swollen lymph poisoning can cause lots of bad things such as Nausea, Vomiting , Watery diarrhea, Abdominal pain and cramps and Fever. That is why you should watch out for hurricanes causing health issues.

How hurricanes can make deaths

Have you ever wondered how hurricane causes deaths? well here is how.

First of all, hurricanes can destroy vital food sources, this can lead to a lot of deaths for animals. They destroy bushes, trees and other vital food sources.

Hurricanes can also reduce water sources so that fish won't survive and the humans/animals that eat the fish will die.

Hurricanes can also destroy shelters, houses and buildings, wreck cars, break signs, ETC. Hurricanes can also destroy plants, uproot trees, kill animals and humans, destroy gravel, ETC.

That is how hurricanes can make deaths.

Conclusion to hurricanes

You should always remember that when a hurricane strikes it can cause a fever or even a disease.

Hurricanes can destroy vital food sources so you should take extra food.

Hurricanes can take down your house so if it does, evacuate to the nearest town/city/province.

Ways to prevent hurricanes are:

You can use cloud seeding.

You can use soot.

Protect the environment, stop global warming.

When a hurricane strikes, you should:-Make an emergency kit

Cut down dead trees and trim dead branches

Pick up the things outside of the house

Stay in the basement

Find a safe room/house to stay

Follow evacuation orders

What other ways have you found?