By: Eleesa Rico

Stay away from germs.

We all need to take care of ourselves and we all need to try to stay safe from germs. We can stay away from germs by Clorox wiping everything down in your house and maby you can carry sanitizer with you everywhere so you can have your hands clean before you eat and all that good stuff that you do with your dirty hands. We can also be safe by maby you can eat on a napkin if they don't have plates and you can wash your hands whenever you touch something gross. Also, you can wash your hands with hot water and that can wash mostly all the germs off becuase hot water kills the germs and when you rinse off you hands they fall off of your hands and now you hands are nice and clean.

Wash Your Hands!

How Can You Get Germs?

You can get germs from many stuff like you can touch your mouth and get germs. You can touch your phone and get germs you can shake somebody's hand and get germs. You can sign your name with a pen at a restaurant and get germs. When you get germs you can get sick and we don't want that so cover your mouth when you cough, bring hand sanitizer, you can Clorox everything down, you bring your own pen to places. You can prevent germs a lot of ways start doing it now.