Chapter 11

By Britney Calin


Please make the environment a better place

About The Company

  • This Factory system is run by the CEO ALfonso Morales who been in charge for along time

    • Our company has 1,000 employees in Illinois

    • It in the north in the state of Illinois

History of the company

  • The company was put put together was in the 1990
  • I was thinking a lot what was the problem in America system something came up to me and it was trash around the cities and beaches. So I invented to make a cube that picks up trash. Then later on I would just like James Monroe.

Product Name

  • It a trash cube that picks up trash around the world in the cities and beachesand you pick your own sectionalism
  • For beaches and and large cities so can pick up trash and recycles too
  • So like if they found a spot in the beach they can bring the cube with them they tell the cube to pick up the trash. They also can find Cotton gin
  • You can buy one online or at the store


  • For one cube it cost $20.00
  • Buy one and get two free
  • If you buy 8-50 cubies it will be $15.30 but if you have a team that wants 50-100 then that will be $10.00
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National Pride

It will bring are nationalism together. This will help our country to be clean and more beautiful. Please buy one so we can help the environment a better place and not let any trash to get into animals homes.

Guarantee or warrantee

You can buy interchangeable parts for the cubies. So like if anything breaks then you always buy a new or just buy the parts you need to fix on the robot or like we call cubies. You can buy the interchangeable parts at the store. Online won't have it because we don't like to deliver it and then we don't know if the piece is loss or gone.


My invention will help the environment. People who loves to help the earth buy my invention so we can make the world a better place. We can help with recycling because when you go outside and go to a big city you see trash and a lot of bottles. My cubies Is going to help one of the celebrities came into my store and they told me that they wanted my cubies and she recommended that you should but it.

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