My myth

by Jared Evans

As Jared and manual walked into their boring old village, with huts every which way. Jared exclaimed “I bet I can control the kraken” “No way” Manuel said “let’s go then” “alright you’re the one that is going to look stupid.” He yelled as he walked away

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As Jared walked across the soft sand he smelt the salty water. He walked into the ocean and yelled “release the kraken!”

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As the kraken came, it hit Jared like a WREAKING BALLLLLLLL and flung him back into is village, and he got to see the whole tidal wave come over is village. It was destroyed in seconds.

Zeus looked down and saw the kraken and signaled to Poseidon. Poseidon came and cleaned it all up

That day was a reminder that pride gets you nowhere. even Now though ever so often some will take that bet and have the same thing happen again and again when will they ever learn

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