The Holocaust

What is genocide?

Genocide is the act of killing a large number of people because for A religious reason, racial, or other reasons. A more recent genocide is the one that took place in Rwanda.

The Holocaust

This by far is the most infamous and hated genocide to date. Stared around March 20th 1933. The smallest estimated # of people dead in this genocide is 17 million. This makes it one of the largest genocides just behind the Native American genocide placing around 18 million. Below is a video of Holocaust survivors.
Forgive or forget: survivors of genocide in the Holocaust, Rwanda & Cambodia - *Graphic Images*

Anne Frank

Who is she?

Anne Frank went into hiding around 1942 with her family, another family of three, a cat, and a man named Mr. Dussel. She is well know for her diary writings which have been published and sold world round. She was sent to a death camp and died there with her mother and sister.

Aftermath of the Holocaust genocide

After the U.S and Soviet forces liberated most of the concentration camps most of the Jewish community, most Jewish people were still abused and hated. Anne Frank ounce said "despite everything i still believe tat people are really good at heart" which turned out to be wrong and true, because besides all the hate there were people who help misplaced persons after the war. To the left is her annex.