come to our country and improve your life!

Your benefits!

Here in SueLandia you will be able to create your own business, whenever and wherever you want! You can buy anything you want, and you're not being controlled. Everyone has a chance to make their own money!

How our Economy works?

The President owns the economy. The government is only involved in the protection and safety regulation. Consumers buy what they want, and the prices are based on demand and profit.

We promise to keep you happy with your way of living.

Common Misconceptions

Some say that in our economy there could be some type of scarcity due to how much freedom the consumers have in using their money for what they want and need... but that is not entirely correct. We will try our best and provide goods for our population, because we have many resources.

Your chance to make your dream come true.

SueLandia is a great place for anyone to live. You can make more money, you can start a business, and the government isn't completely involved! Come live here and you will never regret it, it will always feel like home! Benefits for everyone!