XC is better than Football!

Why Cross Country is Better Than Football

Why Cross Country is a Better Sport Than Football

I know not everybody will agree with me on my statement but I think you will change your mind once you hear my reasons.

Reason 1: Makes You Strong

Cross country builds up your endurance to make you strong and tough. You get strong by pushing yourself to run farther and farther each time, by running up big hills and on tough terrain.

Reason 2: Less Stress

Cross country doesn't depend on a team as much as other sports. You are by yourself for most of the race but your scores do depend on how you team as a whole did. I have seen people run at a meet even if they don't have a team. This puts less stress on you because you don't feel like you will have a lot of people disappointed in you if you don't do very well.

Reason 3: The People

In all of my experiences with XC teams all of the people have been so nice! Your team is so supportive no matter and you always feel welcome. Your cross country team is your family and always there for you when you fall down or you don't get your PR or you didn't do as well as you wanted to. Also there really isn't a limit for how many people can be on the team, so who ever wants to join can and doesn't have to try out.

Reason 4: XC People Are Tough!

In cross country there is always another meet to improve. You push yourself as hard as you can and almost every time you get better. At the state meet this year only a few people from the team got to go. I was chosen and I was super nervous. During the race I was tripped and I fell on the only part of concrete there was in the whole race. I was in about 15th place before I fell but when i fell about 15 people passed me. I was bleeding but I still got up and finished. I didn't PR but I didn't get my worst either! So that just shows How tough we are!

Reason 5: It's Just a Fun Sport!

Cross country in my opinion is the most fun sport there is! You travel with you team, get strong and tough, spent time with nice people and you get to run your favorite sport!

I hope you all decide to join cross country next season!