Fontaine Flier

November 6, 2015

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Beach Day Was So Much Fun!

It was actually a very productive day! We took our Journeys Everglades Forever assessment, our spelling test, had Genius Hour, worked on a writing project, and had Daily 3 and small group literature discussions.

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Important Dates to Remember

Digestive System Test-Tuesday, November 10

Topic Test in Math-Tuesday, November 10

Papa John's Night-Tuesday, November 10

Veteran's Day assembly-Wednesday, November 11 at 2:45

Math Wings-Thursday, November 12 3:40-4:40

Skate City-Thursday, November 12 6:00-8:00

Mid-Terms-Friday, November 13

Specials Schedule






Fun Learning This Week...

Science-We finished our digestive system unit with a fun project using the ipads and an app called Chatterpix.

Our digestive system test will be on Tuesday. We will be starting the respiratory system on Wednesday. This will be our final human body system that we study in fifth grade.

Writing-We will be starting our district writing assessment this week. Students will be writing an informational piece on the circulatory or digestive system. We will be working on this for the next several weeks.

Reading-Taking a break from out Journeys book and will be reading an informational text about mummies. We will be working on main idea and supporting details. Students will be using an app called Poplet to demonstrate their understanding of the text's main ideas and details.

Spelling-List 10

Test on Friday.

Math-Topic 6 test (multiplying decimals) Tuesday

Have a great week!