M payment transactions

M payment transactions in india

When a customer makes m-payment transaction with a merchant credit card fees and merchant value is credited to the account. Credit card-based solutions have largely depends on the level of penetration of the country's credit card limit. In India, the number of credit card holders that 15 million( 2006). Only a small portion of the population will benefit from this credit card-based model. Although limited in scope, it may be in high demand in the segment also credit cards for payment solutions, can provide high-volume transactions.

Customers can make payments using your mobile phone and the merchant may be charged on the customer's mobile phone mobile recharge app bills. Customers can then settle the bill, the telecommunications' company (Chen, 2003). This can also be prepaid airtime (debit) and postpaid subscription (credit) classified. It offers a variety of opportunities to apply mobile technology landscape m payments. Essentially, you can send a GSM mobile phone or (mobile information service to retrieve recharge offer for free data from three possible channels)- SMS, USSD or WAP/ GPRS.

Selection Channel m-payment schemes recharge offer for free are applied the effects. Second, the m-payment client application on the phone or else it may be found that the subscriber identity module (SIM). We briefly describe the NFC technology mobile recharge app as a possibility. This message may be short (140-160 characters) is a text messaging service that allows a mobile phone can be transmitted. Short messages are stored and forwarded by SMS centers.

SMS messages with voice telephone access channels in different channel (Robert, 2005). SMS bank (informational) used to give information about the person's account or used to convey the status of the phone (processing) instructions for payment. Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a mobile recharge app specific GSM technology. This channel signals of the GSM standard built-in GSM networks to support data transmission over talent. USSD provides session-based communication by providing a variety of applications.

USSD session focused on process-oriented technology is a store-and-forward technology during the SMS. Returning the applications is shorter response times for interactive USSD than SMS. General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a mobile data service available to users of GSM. GPRS provides packet-switched data for GSM networks. GPRS enables services such as Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) access, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), and e-mail and the mobile recharge app Worldwide mobile phones for Internet communication services such as Web access.

M-payment client application can be found in the customer's mobile phone. This application is for GSM mobile phones and binary Java (J2ME) can be improved mobile recharge app CDMA for mobile phones Run time Environment for Wireless (BREW). Personalization phones used in GSM mobile phone (OTA).the subscriber identity module (SIM) and this can be done via a smart card i processor power (intelligence) and is a small chip with memory. Information can be protected using the SIM encryption algorithms and keys.
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