By, Kristeen Durre

Penelope: The Faithful

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Penelope: Faithful Wife

Penelope was the wife of Odysseus. Her husband, Odysseus, was gone for 20 years. Her father, Laertes, was trying to get Penelope remarried. There were 108 suitors that wanted to marry her. She put off the suitors through various strategies to delay all the marriages. When her husband did return, he disguised himself as an old man beggar. He was under disguise because he wasn't sure if he could trust his home. A lot changes over 20 years. Her challenge for the suitors was whoever can string Odysseus' bow would have her hand in marriage. After her husband succeeded at stringing the bow, she knew it was her beloved husband. She did fear that he was a god in disguise, because she couldn't believe he had returned home. To be absolutely sure that it was him, she ordered for their bed to be moved. He explained that it couldn't be moved because he made it out of the living olive tree. That proved that he was her beloved husband.