Room 9 News

January 2015

MAP Testing Schedule

We are taking our 2nd MAP test of the year. The dates are:

Tuesday, January 20 from 10:35-11:50- Language

Wednesday, January 28 from 9:00-10:15- Math

Your kids will know what they scored and what their goal was, so ask them if you'd like to talk about it with them. I will share these results with you at our Spring Conference.

30 Day Plank Challenge

The kids and I are part of a 30 day Plank Challenge. I was going to do it myself when the New Year started, and after considering all of the mental strategies and positive thinking that goes behind the body's effort, I asked the class to participate, too. I

t's been a powerful lesson in sharing what makes the child, "Just Do It" and how they attain their goal that day, and how much our thinking and environment has to do with our performance. The kids and I write in our Reflection Journals for about 10 minutes afterward and usually share a couple-few each day. So far, they've taken pictures of their journal writing and will share these with you via an Educreations presentation, which they will upload to Google Drive in the near future. It's a work in progress, just as this challenge is.

Here is the link if you'd like to join. We are on Day 13 as of Sunday, which is our day of rest this week.

Biography Book Report

The kids are reading their biographies for homework. To keep on track, they should be at least half way through their book by now. They still have 2 weeks to read and take SOLID notes.

On Thursday, we discussed in length, while taking notes on our Biography Notes Packet (green), what is expected of this reading and note taking at home. They brought their packets home the same day.


  • There are 4 major areas that they will be concentrating on during and after reading their book.
  • The kids will read their book and take notes in these 4 areas as they read. If they have already finished their book, then they will go back and retrieve information needed from the text to take their notes.
  • Be sure to address all questions asked for each of the 4 areas by taking notes.
  • Bullet each note so that it is separate from the previous and next one.
  • SOLID notes are due on Monday, February 2nd. (The kids are making a Keynote in class as their final product.)
  • The other part of homework, besides the notes, is to make a Bottle Buddy to accompany their learning of this person. The Bottle Buddy directions are in the back of the packet and is due the following week. The Bottle Buddy will be completed at home. Enjoy!!

Memorizing Math Facts

The kids have a sheet that you can keep at home to monitor progress and direction with mastering facts. Each week, the kids will take a test on the fact that they have studied, and I will return their test on Friday or Monday to be the lead for that week.

For the kids who have mastered all and Mixed Facts (100 mixed facts within 7 minutes), then, they will be studying division facts. Good luck!

School-wide Jog-a-thon

We are participating in a school-wide jog-a-thon for our Kayla, our yoga instructor's cause and passion, GLOW. We are blessed to be part of this vision and movement that will help others live a more safe and effective life.

The paperwork (information and pledge) was thoroughly discussed in class and the kids brought it home on Friday. Please take a look at it and complete the pledge information on the back. It is not due until the day of our jog-a-thon, which is Wednesday, January 28th. This is happening during your child's lunchtime, so if you are in the neighborhood, please stop by and see a lot of goodness happening at SSF!

**This event is during our school-wide Kindness Challenge week, too. What a kind act to do for others. :)


Kayla Neilsen has been teaching us yoga every other Thursday on the grass by the playground. She is calm, kind, nurturing, a good listener, and gives the kids background information on the practice and the moves. She gives background information on the history of it and how it can help them in their busy lives. She has taught the kids how to breathe properly and how just breathing alone, can help them calm their nerves and bring them back to center with their thoughts and goals. It is a super relaxing time for all. The kids can start out excited and full of energy from the day, and when the 20 minutes has passed, they are grounded and at peace. It's really a beautiful time together, and you are welcome to join us if you are around. Every other Thursday from 2:00-2:20. The next date will be January 29th.

Hachiko Waits

We are reading a beautiful book called Hachiko Waits. It's a work of fiction, inspired by a true story about a dog in Japan, Hachi, who was dearly loved by his owner, a professor at the university. The professor left on a train every day to work, where Hachi would say goodbye, then run back home. Hachi returned to the train station every day to greet Professor Ueno, just before the 3:00 train arrived.

After just being together and following this routine for over a year, the Professor collapsed and died at work from an aneurism. From that day forward... and for the next 10 years, Hachi returned to the train station to meet his master. Give me a break!! I cried the other day in class as I read because it hit me, as things do at certain and unexacting times, the beauty of an animal and the devotion to goodness in his life.

** Hachi teaches the kids about loyalty, devotion, faith and hope, patience and responsibility and most of all... love and friendship. We learn so much from reading about others and the beauty they possess.

We will be documenting this learning on an App of choice as well.

February Auction

We are going to participate in our 1st auction of the year. The kids have Saving's booklets that I got from Chase Bank and they earn money for being responsible, kind, doing their homework, classwork, helping out neighbors, taking care of our room, etc. Many have earned over $1,000. Wow!!

My request: We would like anything you would like to give away!! Items up for bid can be ANYTHING that kids would like to call their own. Items from the past have been: books, DVD's, board games, clothing, picture frames, costume jewelry, bookmarks, paper products, balls, etc. Please send in at least 1 item with your child by Monday, February 9th to make our auction a success. Feel free to unload as many items as you want to get rid of. We thank you for your effort!