Uniformed Public Services jobs

Application and selection process for jobs in the army

Application process

There are different ways you can apply for a job in the British Army such as online application or visiting the local army career adviser and filling an application form with them.

Online application

If you visit the British army website (www.army.mod.uk) you will be able to fill in an application form online, it will ask you to write down your name, contact details such as address or telephone number, your nationality and date of birth, next you will have to write something about yourself, your qualifications/CV and why do you want to join the army and why you think you "suit" to that kind of working environment that is present in the armed forces. Than your application will be sent and you will receive a letter informing whether you have been accepted or not, and what should you do next.

If you will go to your local army career adviser and fill an application form with them it will be the same as filling one online on your own but you will have the help or support form the adviser.

Requirements and advice

When filling out an application form its important that you are honest and do not try do hide anything such as if you have had bad times in the past etc. because the army will know about it later and you will look bad to them because you have hided something and you weren't honest with them.

When writing an application do not use colored ink pens such as red other color, use black ink pen.

You will have to write your CV and personal statement in the application form either online or when doing it in the army career's office.

Selection process

Equal Opportunity

In the British Army everyone has equal opportunities and no matter what your religion, race/background, gender is, there will always be a place for you.

When applying to the British army you will never be judged on who you are or where you are from.

Physical tests

If you would like to serve in the British Army, you must pass physical/fitness tests, you will have to do:

-55 press ups in 2 minutes

-50 sit ups in 2 minutes

-Complete 1.5 mile run with time 14:30 minutes or less

Skill tests:

If there are physical tests, there must be skill/knowledge tests too, in the army they are based on:





-Technical selection

Psychometric tests could be taken to see your:

-verbal skills

-numeracy skills

-abstract/non verbal skills

Preparing for an interview

After sending off the application you will be invited for a job interview to the local army career office, you need to prepare yourself well if you want to look good. Standard questions asked could be "why do you want to join the army?" but it depends on the person interviewing you, everyone could ask something different. It is important that you are dressed appropriately to the job you have applied for.