Room 322 News

A weekly review

August 31-September 4

Hello Families!

It's been another great week in Room 322! It's the beginning of "testing season" and even though there has been some adjustments to our usual schedule because of that, students are doing a wonderful job adapting. Discovery Education (math) testing took place Tuesday, and I began administering Reading 3D testing the following day. Reading 3D testing will continue until every student has completed the tests and iReady testing will be coming up soon as well. These tests are determining what ability levels each child is at right now to give me an idea of how to provide the best instruction. This is nothing any of your children should stress over--I can tell they're all trying their best!

Hope you're having a wonderful 3-day holiday weekend!

~Miss. Sivak


In between testing periods, we have had many fun learning opportunities in the classroom this week. Look below for pictures of some of these activities such as:

  • Book Museum Walk: Students brought in their favorite book, wrote and drew a summary of why it was a "just-right" book for them, and then viewed/discussed what their peers brought.
  • Phonics Skill Games: For word work, we did some review of concepts from first grade that student's will need to be familiar with to be successful this year. They worked in partners and groups sorting long/short vowel words and in teams to do a "Beginning Word Blend Toss" game.
  • Writer's Notebooks: Most of writer's workshop time has been spent setting up writer's notebooks and getting some ideas of things they would enjoy writing about for free-write time. Students were proud to create and share their 'Heart Maps' which is basically a written/drawn list of things that they love or are special to them that they would like to write about.
  • Money: We have done some work introducing our first unit (Place Value) and also have been practicing identifying coins and their values this week.

Classroom Management Updates

  • ClassDojo has proved to be a great incentive in the room so far! About half of the class met the goal of getting 30 positive points by the end of the week and earned their student code. Others were very close to that goal and will continue working towards those 30 points this week! Now that everyone is familiar with how the program works, I will be giving more opportunities for points in the coming weeks-so points (both green and red) will probably be increasing soon! Students will also have a ClassDojo tracking worksheet given to them Monday to keep track of their points at the end of the day.
  • The 'Desk Fairy' visited our classroom this week to reward those with organized desks!


  • Continue checking student's folders each night. This is how I will send home important papers from the office and myself to you as well as student work that can be kept at home.
  • 2nd Grade T-Shirt information will be coming home soon! Our grade level uses a different company than the school which is why there has been a delay.

ENCORE Schedule

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Music

Friday: Science

Thank You!

  • Thank you--to everyone who donated outdoor supplies for recess. The kids have LOVED playing with all the new things and we now have a well-stocked bin of playthings to choose from :)
  • Thank you--to Kristin Cole for volunteering to be our classroom's PTA basket raffle coordinator. You all should have received a letter in your child's Take Home Folder explaining the basket fundraiser. Our classroom's theme is fitness.
  • Thank you--to everyone who has offered to come in and help with schoolwork! I'll be reaching out to those people soon with some things I'd appreciate help with at home or after school hours (i.e. copying, cutting, assembling, etc.)

WR Odell Elementary School

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