(02/18) Daily Reading Agenda

February 18, 2016

Activity #1: iStation Minutes

You will use iStation for 30 minutes to practice reading skills, strategies, and personal enrichment.

You will show Mr. Jones your minutes to prove this work was completed.

Activity #2: Independent Reading Time & Demonstrating Fluency

You will read from the assortment of nonfiction titles in your Raz-Kids bookshelf for a minimum of 20-30 minutes. During which, you will respond to the 3 big questions that we should ask ourselves when reading nonfiction text as a note entry in Seesaw.

  1. What surprised me about one of the nonfiction books I read today?
  2. What did the author think I already knew?
  3. What challenged, changed, or confirmed what I already knew?

After writing the answers to these 3 questions down in your Seesaw Learning Journal, you will choose one of these questions to explain using audio. To do this, you will click on the microphone icon in your text entry for this assignment.I will dismiss a few students at a time to go into the hallway and record.

Activity #3: Cougar Pride Celebration

You will continue to work on your artwork for A Butterfly Called Hope.
A Butterfly Called Hope

Click here to follow along during our Read-Aloud.