explosive engineer

pyrotechnics and demolition

What is it

Explosive engineering is used in building demolition. (destroying a building) It is also used to design and build military weapons such as missals grenades or mines.

making money

The starting salary for Explosive engineers is about $72,000 a year. This beginning income is not too bad for just blowing things up.

working hours

An explosive engineer's work time will vary depending on the company's needs.
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The degree plan for explosive engineering requires numerous math and science classes. A student will learn how chemicals react with each other to produce different types of reactions.


Strict safety precautions are excessively enforced when working with explosives. Bomb gear is put on to protect an engineer if explosives detonate. .


You must have a masters degree, however a doctorate degree is better for the job. Your GPA must be greater than a 3.0.

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