Third Grade News

Mrs. Adams Class

Distance Learning Week 5

Weekly Updates 4/14 - 4/17

Be sure to check back here for updates throughout the week. I try to post here instead of sending out as many reminds.

  • Due to the potential for further spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Governor of Missouri has closed schools for the remainder of the school year. Per the state’s direction, “schools will continue remote learning for their students until the end date previously set on their academic calendars;” therefore, virtual learning and packet learning formats will continue through May 29 in the Waynesville R-VI School District. Food service is scheduled to continue through May 29. No decision has been made regarding summer school.
  • Please try to get on Moby Max and practice your fact fluency daily. It is important to have your multiplication facts down prior to fourth grade.
  • Helpful hint: If a video is not loading, try downloading it to your device.
  • Please understand that lessons are not "one size fits all". If you are noticing an assignment is too long or too difficult, feel free to split up the assignment or do every other question.
  • Check out this link for information on how to check out e-books from Mrs. Ross and Mrs. Wilson

:::Graded Items:::

Please note the only MUST DO items are the graded items. Everything else assigned is for practice purposes. I will be updating the graded items as we go and will be letting you know if I am missing any of these graded items for report card purposes.

These are all of our graded items so far:

        Standard: Figurative Language
          Activity 1 Google Form: Ice Cream Figurative Language
            Activity 2 Google Form: Pizza Time
              *If needed, I sent these forms to your google classroom.

                    Standard: Point of View
                      Activity 1: Point of View Google Form
                        *If needed, I sent this form to your google classroom.

                              Standard: Earth Human Interactions
                                Activity 1: Science Book page 90-96
                                  Activity 2: Science Book Pg 100-107
                                    Activity 3: Science Book Pg 110-115
                                      Post Test: Roof Project (Pg 116-117) -Submit your video through flipgrid. Take a picture of the completed workbook pages and send to your teacher though remind.

                                          *Science activity grades were collected during your child's video conference. If you are missing a grade please be sure to show your teacher these workbook pages during your next video conference.

                                                Standard: Geometry
                                                  Activity 1: Pg 707 Go Math (please send a picture of this page through remind)
                                                    Activity 2: Pg 733 Go Math (please send a picture of this page through remind)

                                                    Social Studies

                                                    Activity 1: Chp 5 Lesson 1

                                                    *Social Studies activity grades were collected during your child's video conference. If you are missing a grade please be sure to show your teacher these workbook pages during your next video conference.

                                                    Video Conferences

                                                    This week I am going to hold group conferences. Conferences will be Tuesday-Friday from 11:30-12:00 (no school Monday). Please be sure your child has everything out that they have been working on during their video conference as I will be asking them to show me.

                                                    I will be posting our Zoom link in our Google Classroom and also send it out through Remind. Students will need to meet with me at least once a week. However, they are welcomed to come to as many group conferences as they would like. After students share their current work, I may do a read aloud or students can have a few minutes to say hello to their friends. This will be a great time to ask clarifying questions as well.

                                                    If you cannot meet during this time frame, please let me know and I will try to schedule a time that works for the both of us after those hours.

                                                    Month of the Military Child

                                                    Help us celebrate Month of the Military Child by submitting a Flipgrid Video answering one of the following prompts:

                                                    • Share an interesting fact about your life as a military child
                                                    • Create a world map and pinpoint where you have lived because of their military lifestyle
                                                    • “Share Your Story” Project: Whether a military dependent yourself, classmate, friend, or neighbor of a military student, we are all impacted by the military community in Missouri. Share your military-connection story through the visual arts, creative writing, musical composition, poetry, etc.
                                                    • Show-n-Tell – Share about something military related. Examples: memorabilia from an installation or service branch, favorite airplane, book, military character, items or pictures from prior living locations, pictures or anything related to being a military kid
                                                    • Story time using books about military kids’ experience, the military lifestyle, being the new kid in school, or appreciating differences in one another.a

                                                    **Want to share it with our administrators so they can create a tribute? Add it to their flipgrid

                                                    What Are We Learning This Week?

                                                    Reading: Figurative Language

                                                    Language Arts: Types of Sentences

                                                    Writing: Opinion Writing

                                                    Math: Geometry/Shapes

                                                    Social Studies: Our Government

                                                    Science: Earth and Human Interactions

                                                    Lesson Plans


                                                    No School





                                                    Helpful Links

                                                    Participation Rubric

                                                    New rubric effective 4/13

                                                    eSchool for Parents

                                                    Check grades here