Romeo and Juliet: Act 2 Scene 6

Maryann Diaz


After the nurse tells Juliet Romeo's message for her, the wedding can take place. Romeo is already at the church with the Friar waiting for Juliet. While Romeo waits for Juliet, the Friar questions Romeo about their wedding. Friar Lawrence gives Romeo one final warning before Juliet finally gets there. The Friar is saying that Romeo and Juliet could potentially cause destruction. Once Juliet arrives, her and Romeo begin to express their love for each other. Now that everyone was there, they were ready to start the wedding ceremony.


Song Explanation-

When you listen to the song and read the lyrics, the lyrics are like vows. The lyrics could be vows said at a wedding. Towards the end of the scene, Romeo and Juliet are telling each other their vows. They express how much they love each other, and the song lyrics express how much love someone has for someone else.
When God Made You - Newsong feat. Natalie Grant