By Solomon Neuwirt & Connor Meagher

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Argentina is a Spanish speaking country due to the Spanish conquistadors that found it in 1516. The name of the Spanish conquistador was Jaun Diaz de Solis.

Historical Events

Weaknesses of Argentina

Argentina does not have many weaknesses but the government and economy are the main two things that need some work. The economy is the worst part of the nation, the inflation rate is high and is slowly increasing. The government has good systems like the U.S but the way they enforce the law. They don't treat all of their citizen respectfully.



Success of Argentina

Argentina has many different successes. Farming, Mining and their import and export system. These thing are major ways that Argentina are able to make income and provide money and food for their nation.

Imports & Exports

Environment and Natural Resources

The future of Argentina

Argentina is going to excel and suffer in different areas. I see Argentina doing well with their farming, mining, imports and exports. Their government and economy is still going to decrease do to the high inflation rate and many things inside of the government.


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