college requierments

Make-up Artist

Education Requirments

  • high school degree or equivalent required
  • *degree in cosmetology is not required but is very useful

Proffesinal Requirements

  • complete formal training program
  • * optional cosmetology certificate

top colleges

about the colleges

CinemaMakeup school

this school was built in 1993 by a makeup artist trying to create a more comprehensive makeup school. there were very few dedicated makeup schools in LA at this time.

Tuition for this schools makeup degree is $12,875

Make-up designory

located just north of downtown Los Angeles. located in the center of the film industry

there is a multimedia make-up art program for a total tuition of $17,387.50. It includes the fallowing programs Beauty 101, Beauty 201, Beauty 301, and Special Make-Up Effects 201.

stan winston school of character arts

online school i which you can buy dvds costing 40 dollars or buy online videos costing 20 dollars taught by make-up art professionals