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TPCC Announces Match Opportunity

Since we opened our doors, Traders Point Christian Church (TPCC) has consistently and significantly contributed to the growth and success of our school. They have come alongside us over the years to provide a major gift toward our current building, ongoing annual support, and the use of their land to expand His Kingdom. Their faithfulness persists. We are once again blessed beyond measure by the support and encouragement of the church with a $500,000 gift to our current capital campaign.

"The leadership of Traders Point Christian Church highly values Christian education,” says Chairman of TPCC Elder Team, Doug Felton. “We support the mission of Traders Point Christian Schools and are committed to helping the school achieve its vision of educating students and introducing them to Jesus Christ. One way to assist the achievement of this goal is to have a successful capital campaign project for the new high school. So to that end, and to encourage others to join us in this effort, we have made a $500,000 matching funds gift to the campaign that will enable your gift to have an even greater impact on the lives of TPCS’s students." - Doug Felton, chairman of TPCC Elder Team

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the leadership of the church and their decision to encourage our community to prayerfully consider a gift,” said TPCS Head of School Ron Evans. We are in the fastest growing area in Indiana and we are the only Christian school serving our community. If we don’t grow we can’t serve everyone. The time is now and it won’t be easy. We need to come together. We can’t do it without a broad base of support and generosity. We are asking everyone to please prayerfully consider rising to this challenge.”

Will you rise to the challenge and make a gift today?


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The Reed Family

It’s a sparkling field of green, and it glows under the light of promise and growth. It sits majestically waiting for those first cleats that will mark its surface and signify a new beginning.

The gridiron at Traders Point Christian Schools is more than an athletic field. It’s a new era for the school that has never had home field advantage. And, it’s the first phase in the building project designed to attract and accommodate a growing student body.

Suzanne and Stuart Reed are avid football enthusiasts. In fact Stuart has served TPCA as a football coach for many years. Both of their sons, Grant, a sophomore, and Blaine, an 8th grader, have a passion for the game.

When TPCA announced plans to build a new high school, it was only fitting that the Reeds wanted to do their part to make it happen. Suzanne became co-chair of the capital campaign committee, and the couple donated the funds to kick off the project with the building of the new all-sports athletic field.

“The feeling of being there when they laid the turf…I couldn’t believe how big it was,” she said. “It just felt real. When it’s on paper you don’t have the magnitude or scope of the project, but it is bigger than life when reality hits.”

The motivation to be involved goes beyond touchdowns and Friday night lights. The Reeds are busy in their everyday life. Besides raising two boys, they run several companies involved in long-term care and assisted-living facilities, therapy, design and even Indycar. But despite a full schedule, they keep their priorities in check.

“There is nothing more important than bringing kids to Christ,” said Suzanne. “Watching God at work is just so rewarding.”

They chose to focus their funds on the athletic field because they felt it would play a big role in attracting families to a school that offers something unique to its students. “It’s been unfortunate for these kids not to have a home field to play on and we felt an amazing athletic field would draw more kids to the school,” said Suzanne. “The team is small so the players play both offense and defense. The life lessons are so valuable as more kids have the opportunity to participate and play. But it always comes back to the faith-based spiritual component.”

Her commitment to the school is unwavering. “The spiritual aspect has been phenomenal,” she said. “I love taking my kids to a place they can openly worship and get to know Jesus.” Her children play sports and are academically challenged in the environment, so she sees no reason to go anywhere else.

As a goal-oriented person, Suzanne is committed to her role in the fundraising campaign. In addition to serving as committee co-chair and financing the first construction project, her family hosted a backyard fundraising event which garnered nearly $1 million. “Everything I do there is centered around bringing young people to the Lord,” she said. “Just knowing we are one more step closer to building a high school to glorify God is so rewarding.”

Her motivation is grounded in the good work she witnesses in her own children. “Just knowing the faculty at Traders Point and their love of the children has certainly brought my kids to realize without a shadow of a doubt, when they are in fear mode or something goes wrong, they pray. That is so cool.”

To those who consider giving to the campaign, Suzanne shares the following, “When I look at the community and the news and the state of our country and I see it deteriorating, the only way through these obstacles is through the Lord and to have Christ in your heart. We need to be raising young men and women in a Christ-like fashion so we can stop some of the horrible evil that's going on. Giving to a cause like Traders Point Christian Schools will give our communities and our country a chance to be strong and good.”

And when it comes to this fundraising campaign, Suzanne intends to work as hard as she needs to in order to reach the end zone.


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Abby Lee & Abby Langford

For most young people, being 11 years old marks the beginning of a journey from childhood through the teenage years, emerging as a young adult ready to face the world. Although many of this age find inspiration in role models who demonstrate the ideals they hope to embody, every now and then the dynamic shifts and it’s the 11-year-old who inspires others to make a difference.

And so it is with Abby Lee and Abby Langford. When the two 5th graders at Traders Point Christian Academy heard Head of School Mr. Evans sharing the plans to build a new high school, it wasn’t a matter of deciding “if” they would get involved, but rather “how.”

They knew they wanted to be a part of this ground-breaking experience that would not only enhance their own educational journey, but offer life-changing rewards for future students. “I heard God calling me, saying, ‘Abby, you really need to do this and help,’” said Lee. “We needed to give back for all this school has given to us.”

As the two friends sat together brainstorming ideas to raise funds, they agreed that duct tape was their answer. In true entrepreneurial style, they considered their audience, knowing they wanted to create something that would appeal to everyone. “We thought about making bows,” said Lee, “but we knew the boys wouldn’t want to buy them.”

“We decided to make purses and wallets,” Langford added. “Some had the Knights logo, some were Christmas themed, and we did some custom orders so we could make the most out of the project.”

Their inspiration earned the young students an audience with the capital campaign committee, presenting a check representing the proceeds. As they spoke to the committee, each recited a scripture that provided their inspiration to take a leadership role among their peers, providing an opportunity for fellows students to make an impact as well.

Lee and Langford are excited to watch the growth as the plans for the new school come to fruition. They look forward to enjoying the amenities, like a coffee shop and football field, the new school will have to offer. And as they prepare for their own futures, they know one day they can look back with heartfelt pride knowing they contributed to this project that continues to impact countless lives.


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Check here for a list of What's happening now

  • Gravel has been delivered and compacted at site of new high school building and parking lot area
  • Field lights have arrived. Awaiting installation by IPL.
  • Home and away stands including press box have been ordered
  • Groundbreaking Ceremony media event scheduled for May 15

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Our deepest thanks to the following Traders Point families and friends who have already given to help build the Foundation for the Future!

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Akard

Mr. Doug Allgood

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bailey

Mr. Robert E. Barkei

Miss Wendy Blair

Bose McKinney & Evans LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Cheri Bracken

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Brammer

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Brownlee

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Broyles

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bucher

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bush

Dr. and Dr. Tony Buzzetti

Mr. and Mrs. Vadim Byely

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Callahan

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Carpenter

Dr. and Dr. Alexander Choi

Christel DeHaan Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Clupper

Mr. and Mrs. Kraig Cox

Dr. and Mrs. Jim Craig

Mrs. Bruce Creek

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Croner

Mr. and Mrs. Tim DeHaan

Mr. and Mrs. David DeHaven

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dull

Mr. Patrick Early

Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Felton

Ms. Elisabeth Fischer

Mr. Michael Fritton

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gaafar

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Gallagher

Mr. and Mrs. Dylan Gandy

Mr. and Mrs. Tim George

Mr. and Mrs. Anton H. George

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Gooding

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Halderman

Mr. and Mrs. Kris Hall

Mrs. Barbara Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hessel

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Ho

Mr. Kurt Hudson

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Huskins

Innovative Therapy Solutions

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Johnson

Johnson, Grossnickle & Associates

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kanzler

Mr. and Mrs. Don Keehner

Mr. and Mrs. Chad Kellar

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kowal

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Krueger

Abigail Riley Langford

Abigail Faith Lee

Mr. and Mrs. James Lee

Mr. R.J. McConnell

Mr. John Bartle and Mrs. Rebecca McCowan-Bartle

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mears

Dr. and Dr. Bradley Meyer

Moyer Fine Jewelers

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Neura

Dr. and Mrs. Olajide Odelowo

One View Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Ott

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Pancake

Mr.and Mrs. Nathan Perry

Premier Benefits, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. John Quilhot

Mr. and Mrs. A. Russell Quilhot

Dr. and Mrs. Lars Rascoe

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Reed

Mrs. Chelsea Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Roell

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Rust

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Sanders

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sawyer

Mr. and Mrs. David Sexauer

Mr. and Mrs. Derek Small

Dr. Rie Somlai

Mr. and Mrs. J.K. Stevens

Ms. Tamela J. Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Sweet

Laura Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. David Tinkey

Traders Point Christian Church

Mr. Duane Tripp

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Troyer

Mrs. Hannah Tuttle

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Upchurch

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Veselsky

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Ward

Mrs. Kristin Wilcoxen

Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Wilhite

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Woodcock

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Yu


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