Research and Development!

Grit untapped news starring Seth Gonia!

Untapped Research

Hi I'm from the Malone Middle School and I am gathering info from the Research and Development group. They are trying many great things and preparing for the pressure! They are trying to grow Maple seedlings into trees. They are also trying to put a tube that sucks the sap out of the trees! Also, I researched how much it was for all the equipment and I am surprised, it was a total of $4,000! Now don't hesitate to come to the Malone Middle school and try out our maple syrup!

Interviewing the workers!

I have interviewed a lot of workers. The man himself, Mr.Rogers and I got to sit down and have a quality chat. He was telling me about when kids were brainstorming and boom the maple business was born. He was also telling me that he wants to keep running the business till the end of time. I agree it's a great business to have and to keep it for us young adults.

News Research

Did you know Native Americans discovered sap? Also, Vermont is the number one state to produce maple syrup in the United States. Maple syrup season only last 4-6 weeks. Did you know we need warm days and cold nights for sap to run? Also, maple syrup contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Maple Syrup is a great seller and means a lot to the local economy.