Stitches BBQ Sauce

"It pulls it ALL together!

Four flavors, all amazing!

We have:

Sweet Onion Chili- No burn whatsoever

Mild- A little burn

Hot- Three times the burn of the Mild

ZomB- Can wake up the dead taste buds!

Want some? You know you do! Contact Chris!

Call: (785) 829-0079

OR see him in the pits at the Salina Raceway after the race! (He's most likely to be there)

Refrences? We got those, too!

Tresi (Chris' daughter)- I LOVE my dad's sauce! My personal favorites are the SOC (Sweet Onion Chili) and the Mild.

Somer (Chris' wife)- I love the Mild on everything, but I love the Hot on pulled pork!

Danny Morrison Jr (Racecar driver at the Salina Speedway)-

Corbin Pickerill (Label Designer of Stitches BBQ Sauce)-