Welcome to Vietnam!

Xin chào! Hello! Mọi việc thế nào? How are you? Tôt! Good!

Where Is Vietnam?

Some Photos From My Trip

Food!! Music!! Fun!!

What Do Vietnamese People Like to Eat?

Vietnamese people wake up very early and so breakfast is a very important meal. They don't eat cornflakes, weetbix or toast, instead, they drink beef and noodle soup. This is a dish called Pho.

Like a lot of other Asian countries, Vietnamese meals include a lot of rice, pork and green vegetables...as well as herbs and spices like mint, coriander, chilli and limes.

Vietnamese people always eat with chopsticks or a special soup spoon

What Does Vietnamese Music Sound Like?

This is what traditional Vietnamese music sounds like:


But today, Vietnamese people also like to listen to K-Pop- music like Gangnam Style!

What Do Vietnamese People Do For Fun?

Vietnamese people love riding motorbikes, watching soccer games on TV, playing Chinese Checkers and often, in the park, there are hundreds of kids playing with a special toy a bit like a hackey sack.