Winsor Faculty Update

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Evaluation Update

To all of those in an evaluation cycle year, please be reminded that your PGG needs to be submitted and approved not later than Monday, November 4th. Thank you to those that have participated in this process.

Productive Struggle

Connected to having a Growth Mindset, Productive Struggle is a powerful tool that increases student effort and efficacy. When we present a scaffolded, complex task and gradually release responsibility to students, asking the right questions at the right time- we empower students to grapple with problem solving activities. Instead of giving the answer, we put the onus on students to engage with peers, debate potential solutions, and find multiple pathways to solve a problem. I've provided a couple of links below that should help provide a framework for understanding productive struggle. In our collective conversations, I know we regularly discuss how to increase student stamina and persistence. These links offer some potential access points for all students.

One item I noticed in each video is the use of manipulatives, even though the content being delivered in for middle school students. While these actual examples depict slightly older students, the strategies being employed are both already in place in many Winsor classrooms and applicable to elementary aged students.

Responsive Classroom

Thank you to our book club members for two excellent discussion sections. Our students see the benefits of the Responsive Classroom approach daily and our book group continues to accelerate the implementation process. Observation opportunities for those yet to be trained are happening and remain available. If you have yet to be trained and would like an observation opportunity, please let me know. All staff that have yet to be trained will have the chance on our November 14th PD day to access the 1 day course. When we connect with our students, we have given them the reason for our instruction, connecting concepts to the lived experiences of our students. This month's reading elucidates the possibilities when students are given the "why".

Upcoming Events

On Wednesday, November 6th, we will have our monthly faculty meeting. Please come prepared to unpack the next unit of study in Math, as we will be utilizing the Unit Unpacking Protocol, linked below:

Please arrive at our meeting having read the Unit Overview within our curriculum documents and having the needed materials printed before we start. This way, our time will be maximized. The curriculum site is here:

Veterans Day Assembly

To honor our Veterans, Winsor will be having an assembly on Friday, November 8th. Any family or community member in our fold is welcome to attend. Communications to our families have been sent. If you know of a veteran who would like to join us, please let me know.

Thank you for all that you do to benefit our students and community.