Miss Maudie's character

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Miss Maudie's opinion

Miss Maudie's really wanted the kids to like her and she cared about the kids.she let them play in her yard and made 3 cakes for the 3 children. In the story it said " Jen and I had always enjoyed the free run of miss Maudie's yard ". It shows she made cakes also says everytime she baked cakes she made one big one and three little ones. The evidence shows she did bake cakes for the kids and really cared for them. She was just a type of lady who adored them.

Why has Harper lee included miss Maudie's to be a main character?

Miss Maudie is the main character of chapter five because at her house has to do a lot of where the kids play. She has no problem with the children playing in the yard as long as they kept out of her azaleas, and snack on " her scumppernonngs if they didn't jump on the arbor." Maudie likes kids, she welcomes them not chasing them away like the radileys. She has been in the same neighborhood since she was younger. Miss Maudie is the main character because she knows everybody in the town