Excuses to not get flu vaccine

Refuted: 6 excuses to not get flu vaccine Although the flu vaccine in our country especially recommended for seniors, pregnant women from the second trimester, children, people with chronic illness and people who work in the health sector, anyone can get there in principle.

Yet many people find an excuse not to do. http://www.reviewlization.com/" We put the six most common one by one and refute them.

1. I'm young and healthy then? The flu can take the healthiest people and make them very sick If you are vaccinated, then the chances that you will get much smaller flu. And if you do get the flu, you will have less sick and the risk of complications, such as pneumonia, much smaller. 2.

I never get the flu Never say never, because the flu season is very unpredictable. One year is very mild flu, while the other year a severe epidemic can be. And if that is the case, also increase your chances of the flu. 3. And what if I get the flu?

http://www.reviewlization.com/" I'm tough Let's hypothetically say that you do not suffer from fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue and other symptoms. You also do not mind to feel sick and not being able to.