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A note about the resources:

These resources are intended to help provide additional insight into certain topics and should be viewed as an addendum to the major theories, legislation and strategies we've discussed and experienced in-person.
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ESL Supplemental Study Guide

Test most recently updated 2015, for test #154, supplemental

ESL Practice Test

This exam doesn't explain the specific domains tested, but there is a 2-hour video available as well as other general tips to successfully pass the ESL Certification test.

Relationship between language use and school success

This flow chart helps detail how positive, additive Spanish can propel student academic and language growth or alternately, lead to family communication breakdowns.

Teaching Culturally Diverse Students

Teaching Culturally Diverse Students: Recommendations for Teachers (Edweek Article)

Hands on Diamond

Language Definition Activity

Teacher Toolkit

Strategies and more for engaged students

Vocabulary Strategies

Modeling for 6th, 7th and 8th grade Newcomer students and low-level ESL students

Proficiency Level Descriptors

K-12 descriptions of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

Create a pictograph!

You can create a visual display of information using this site!

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