First Flight In Motion

Observing Movement (K-2)

Getting to Know You Circle

My name is.... and I move like this...
John Williams: "Olympic Fanfare and Theme"

The Olympics- Movement at it's Finest

Raise you hand if you watched any of the Olympics this summer. What did you watch? (or Turn and Talk)

We are going to take a look at some Olympic highlights to begin our study of motion.

Let's Take a Look!

I want you to watch closely.

  • What is moving?
  • How is it moving?
  • How would you describe the movement?

Start at 1.0
Rio Replay: Men's +105kg Weightlifting Final
Russia vs Netherland: Women's Handball in Olympic Rio 2016
Colombia vs. USA | 2016 Olympic qualifying
Start at 6.30
LSK - Heather Olver,Lauren Smith vs Greysia Polii,Nitya Krishinda Maheswari | Group Olympic Rio 2016
Rio Replay: Women's Eight Rowing Final
Ryan Crouser wins Shot Put gold with an Olympic Record

Our Motion Words










Exploratory #1 Books and Balls

With your partner, explore moving the boxes of books. Explore moving the balls with straws.

What do you notice? Were they all the same? Which ones were easy (required less force)? Which ones were hard (required more force)? Why? Switch!

Closing whole class demo and discussion. (on the rug)

Exploratory #2 Bubble Time!

What do you notice? What do you wonder? Do you see any of our motion words?
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