Drones and Robots

How Would They Help?

How might a busines or person put flying drones to good use?

Someone could put flying drones to use by delivering stuff under 10 pounds. People could receive things earlier, if needed. These drones could also help workers or people get things done easier, if that person is trying to do something else. It saves time.

There are also some concerns about these. Drones could drop packages off to the wrong places, hence it doesn't have very good GPS. These drones also have a risk of dropping certain items and breaking them. Animals could also be a concern to these because they could get to whatever is dropped off before the owner gets to it.

Robots in our Future

Another Important Robot

Some robots are used to take care of daily tasks that some people don't simply have the time for. Take this robot surgeon for example. This robot does certain surgeries.
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Caleb Scales