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While You're Waiting

While you’re waiting for your oils to arrive, here’s some important info for you to check out!

www.mydoterra.com - this is the site you’ll use to reorder. If you need to reorder, I’d highly suggest setting up an LRP order mainly because there are so many good benefits!

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Password: bdXXXX

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Essential Oils Resources Available To You!

ME!! Call/Text/Email: 614-563-4204 allison.volz@gmail.com

Book: Modern Essentials – The oil bible! I can get this for you at a discounted rate if you’re interested.

For Pet Owners: The book SpOil your Pet: A Practical Guide to using Essential Oils in Dogs and Cats – There is a ton of great information in here about how our pets can also benefit from oils. I also recommend this website for information: http://www.thedogoiler.com.


www.everythingessential.me – the best site for researching health concerns and suggested protocols

www.aromaticscience.com - research and science behind essential oils

www.aromatools.com ,www.youroiltools.com and www.amazon.com - buy roller balls, bottles, and other oil accessories

Pinterest: Possible searches = doTERRA, roller ball recipes, Family Physician kit, search oil/ailment by name

Facebook Groups: oBundance – You can find advice for just about anything here and can search within the posts to find information. There can be a lot of posts - you may want to hide the posts and just go into the group to do searches as needed. Essential Oils...Our Experiences - a group started by my friend Melinda, who introduced me to doTERRA. Post questions, search the site for helpful information, or read what others post that is useful to you.

YouTube: There is an official doTERRA channel, as well as many other great videos

Highlights of the Loyalty Rewards Program!

Once you place your initial order it’s nice to set up an LRP order for future orders for all the added benefits of:

** FREE SHIPPING = get shipping costs back in free product credit on any size order!

**Receive 10-30% of your total purchase back in FREE product points. Your percentage will increase by 5% every third time you purchase 50 PV of products, up to 30%. You'll receive points on orders over 50 PV.

**Place an LRP order of at least 125 PV between the 5th and 15th of the month and receive the “Product of the Month” for FREE.

**Earn commission with a 100 PV LRP order

** LRP is a monthly recurring order that can be cancelled at any time, however, it’s a good idea to keep your order at 1 PV (for example, the lip balm is only 4 PV) to maintain your current rebate discount and keep your points.

Think of your LRP order as your “Monthly Grocery List” for wellness. :)