Adventures in PreK

Find out what's happening in Ms. Lauren's PreK Class!

PACT this Friday--September 26th at 7:45am

This Friday we will have an in-school PACT (Parent and Child Together). We hope you will join us as we discuss the PreK curriculum. We will give an overview of all you can expect your child to learn this year, a glimpse at their school day, and time to discuss goals for your individual child. You also will have the opportunity to join your child for our Morning Meeting! Can't wait to see you this Friday at 7:45am!


Your child will have their picture taken for the yearbook this Thursday, September 25th. Please return your picture order for by this Thursday. We will take a class picture and any retake pictures on Tuesday, October 21st.

High Five

We are rolling right along in PreK! We have settled into our routines and your children know what to expect during the day and what is expected of them. We have been doing a great job as a class earning High Fives! This is a school-wide Positive Behavior Plan where individuals or an entire class work to earn High Fives for following the 5 Be's. They are...Be Kind, Be Peaceful, Be Respectful, Be Productive, and Be Responsible. In PreK, we work as a class to earn classroom High Fives, when the entire class earns five, we celebrate! Sometimes your child will come home with an individual High Five. Your child earned this and we hope you celebrate them at home.

What we're working on...

During our school day we have been focusing on writing our names, recognizing letters and the sounds they make, learning we read from left to right and top to bottom, counting with one to one correspondence, and beginning to understand early math concepts such as addition and subtraction. We have been reading many books, singing songs, and dancing, lots of dancing! We work hard to use our words to express ourselves, use our listening ears when teachers and friends are talking, working cooperatively to build with blocks or finish a puzzle, and always making sure our whole body is ready to learn. We really emphasize that we come to school to learn and we are learning all throughout our day. And, we're having a blast doing it all! We feel very lucky to have such an awesome class and know it's just the start to a fabulous year in PreK.

Family Pictures

We still need your family pictures for our family tree! You can send them in the Monday Folder, email them to me, or send them to school in your child's backpack.

We appreciate each of you! We are enjoying teaching your child and watching them grow!