We fight for the people and your rights

Thomas Jefferson, Your Leader

Born on April 17, 1743 at Albemarle county, Virginia. He went to college and William and Mary and read law. He drafted the Declaration of Independents and was the Secretary of State for George Washington's cabinet.

What We Believe In

  • That the people should rule.
  • We want you to have a strong state government.
  • We emphasize on agriculture.
  • we want state banks.
  • Free Trade.
  • Strict interpretation of the Constitution.
  • We are allies with the French.


Basically all he is the opposite of want we believe in. He wants the wealthy people to rule, have a strong federal gov, he emphasizes n manufacturing, he wants loose interpretation of the Constitution, he wants a national bank, and protective tariff......He also like the British more then the French

Newpaper: Democratic-Republicans vs. Federalists DING DING!!!!!!

The Partys are head butting their way to the top. The Democratic-Republicans want the people to rule, but the Federalists Want the wealthy people to rule. The Federalists want tariffs on trade and the Democratic-Republicans want free trade. The Democratic-Republicans want a strong state gov, then the Federalists want a strong federal gov. Who will you vote for and who will win.