Some words about one of the biggest clubs football ever had

FC Barcelona-about the club

FC Barcelona(Also known as "Blaugrana" or "Barca")is a professional football club in Catalonya's capital,Barcelona.The club founded in 29.11.1899 by a group of Swiss,English and Catalan fotballers led by Juan Gamper.FC Barcelona recieved the motto:"Mes Que Un Club"(more than a club)because the club became a symbol of Catalan culture and "Catalanism".FC Barcelona is one of the most successful clubs in Spain,and in the whole world.The club won 80 titles in his history!in one word-AMAZING!.Also,FCB is one of the most valuable sports team in the world.The club's stadium is the big football stadium in Europe-The "Camp Nou"->New camp.His capticity is 99,786.After all of that,FC Barcelona players have won a record number of Ballo D'Or awards(10),the credit goes to the fact that "Barca"is the best club to grow in!Big players like Leo Messi(who won 4 Ballon D'Or awards),Andres iniesta,Xavier "Xavi" Hernandes and more growed at this club's youth academy.

The club has a long-standing rivalry with another big club,Real Madrid.Matches between this clubs are referred to as "El Classico"or "Super-Classico".

Barcelona's Hymn

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Barca Hymn With Lyrics!

One of the most successful years of the club(2010-2011)

In this years,FCB has set some amazing records:The first team ever to win Sextuple(Six awards in one year-La Liga winners,Super-Copa of Espania winners,Champions cup winners,Europe super cup winners,Spain's cup and the "FIFA club world cup".)

Also in this year FC Barcelona,led by the legendart coach Pep Guardiola,won the "El Classico" against Real Madrid 5:0(!).This team known the best team ever in football.

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