Jakie Robinson- Perseverance

Connor Kragh

Spikes High

A white baseball player on the other team started stealing from first, charging. He slid with spikes raised up high and cut Jackie Robinson’s leg. He knew he had to come back from it, just didn’t know how. (295)

Dying Dignity

One of the best things, the best possession a man could have is his own dignity. Jackie Robinson almost did by signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers, but he was able to handle the taunts, and abuse. (294)

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Jackie Robinson stares down the pitcher as he gets ready for the pitch.

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Questioning Courage

“Here was a guy questioning my courage. That virtually amounted to him asking me if I was a coward,” (Robinson, Pg. 292)

Take Your Base

“Bean balls would be thrown at me. I would be called the kind of names which would infuriate any man. I would be physically attacked,” (Robinson, Pg. 294)


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