A Mysterious Heart Attack

& a Risky Surgery

This story takes place in February of 2014, week of high school exams.

On a Monday in February my dad thinks he had a heart attack. To dad it was just stomach pains and did not think it was that bad. My dad’s girlfriend made him go to the hospital on the following Wednesday. That’s when dad was told he needed an open heart surgery. I did not know my dad was in the hospital until the following Friday. It’s a bit funny how I found out my dad was in the hospital because of his heart.

Me and my mom were in the car going to Burger King when she got a phone call, I heard her ask “they going to keep you all night” and I knew it had something to do with the hospital and I heard the voice of the person my mom was talking to. At first I told my mom I did not really want to know but then I asked mom if it had something to do with my dad’s heart and I was right. Fast-forward, it was a week before dad had his surgery. He had to have four bypasses, one was 99% clogged, one was 100%, and two were 75%.
On the Wednesday of the following week dad had his surgery.

I was not able to see my dad until the following Friday. I was out of school that day for that reason. I am surprised that I passed my exams that week since I was not really affected emotionally because I knew my dad would be ok, but I was probably mentally affected by all the stress of exams and my dad. Dad got better real quick and was not in any pain but only when he sneezed or coughed. The only thing me and my dad were sad about was that he could not take me bowling, could not bowl with me, or take me skating, really dad could not do much of anything but lay around the house. Now dad is happy to be able to move around outside of the house but he still cannot lift heavy objects.