"A long way gone" Ishmael Beah

David Martinez & Pablo Barrientos


"Each time I lifted my feet, the veins in them tightened and I felt the sand particles digging into my bleeding soles."


This quote is important in the story because it shows the reader what ishmael and his companions went through as they where trying to escape from the rebels. The quote comes from the scene in which the boys where running away from fisherman on the Atlanic ocean shore. The sand was hot and they could not walk on water because it was very deep between them and the shore line of water. They got so much pain on their feet that their feet became numb and they started bleeding. This was a difficulty for them because sand particles started to go into their wounds.

Why did we choose this quote

Well we chose this quote because the reader can see the suffering the boys went through on their journey. In this quote the reader could also see the pain that the boys felt as they where walking on the sand.

Importance of the quote in the story

The quote is important in the story because it shows the reader how painful it was for them to run away from not only the rebels but the villagers that thought they where sent from the rebels to attack them.