2nd Grade FOCUS

News You Can Use! Spring 2014

Curriculum Chatter

This semester, we will be switching our focus from Fairy Tales to the scientific method! Beginning in January, we will start the unit Weather Reporter.

"Weather Reporter, a second-grade Earth and space science unit, engages students in a scenario-based approach to observing, measuring, and analyzing weather phenomena. Focusing on the macroconcept of change, Weather Reporter builds upon students' prior knowledge of weather, and their (soon to be) newly acquired understanding of meteorology and encourages them to use inquiry skills to observe, predict, and forecast the weather. Weather Reporter promotes lifelong learning by encouraging students to investigate naturally occurring weather patterns after the completion of the unit."

This unit will address many of the science, math, and language arts AKS for 2nd grade, as well as previewing many concepts for 3rd and 4th grade science!

This unit looks to be a lot of fun, and very informative! We can't wait to get started!!

Things we need

To help keep our things organized, we would really like for each child to bring in ONE pocket folder WITH brads for this unit. We will be keeping notes, scientific experiments, and other information in this folder throughout the unit. Please send this in by January 13.