Golden Tabby Tigers

By Michael O 5C

Abiotic and Biotic Factors

The golden tabby tiger biotic and abiotic factors are very important and it's life. The biotic factors are elk,foxes,boars, buffalo,and monkeys. The abiotic factors are air,water, rocks,branches and sunlight.

Food Web

The food web let's starts with the sun as always. The grass absorbes the sun and the grasshopper eats the grass next the bird eats the grasshopper and the snake eats the bird and sometimes the snake will eat the grasshopper . In the web A deer is also included it eats the grass finally the golden tabby tiger eats the deer snake and bird
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Food Chain

The food chain starts with the same thing as all food chains, the sun. The grass obsorbs the sunlight and the grass grows. The bunny eats the grass which makes it a first consumer herbivore. Then the boar eats the the bunny which makes it a second level consumer and a carnivore. Finally the golden tabby tiger eats the boar which makes it a third level consumer and a carnivore. The worm is a decomposer and then it circles back around and starts again.

Over and Under Population

If a golden tabby tigers population was x2 all of the boars in its environment would go endangered. If all of the golden tabby tigers were split in half the animals the golden tabby tigers ate would over populate. Leaving the golden tabby tiger with a lot of food and would edvenulay regrow the population to normal.