January 20,1803

Our Journey Starts

Dear Journal,

Wow our first day as explores was fabulous! We really enjoyed it.We decided that I would take care of the journal. We found weapons that I thought would defend us well.It was hard to make a life and death decision about everything else as well. We are using airguns to help us. We predict it may take a few years to find out what the unexplored land may contain. We now have a keelboat. It's 55-foot shallow draft vessle.It is capable of carrying 12 tons.We obiviously will travel a few thousand maybe million miles by foot. I predict 3,700 for when we don't use the boat. I bought guns,ammuntion,food,clothing,navigational instruments and goods. We can see many mountains so we might need a friend to lend us a transportation tool.Most probably a horse.Clark and I have much to explore and we wish we will survive.


Meriweter Clark

The Lewis and Clark Expedition