digital citizenship

4 hr Mr. Cunningham. Urbano M

Online safety

1. Never put your address on a website you don't know because it can be a way of getting to your house and it being robbed the next day when your not home.

2. If the page doesn't look legit then it shouldn't be website to be trusted because they might be trying to take your money.

3. Another reason is don't post any kind of pictures in the comments or writing any kind of status.

Information literacy and scrams

1. One reason why you should know and see what people are posting is because there might be things that shouldn't be there , report it.

2. Second its important to check what is happening because it can about you .

3. Some of the things that get posted might be useful not always though.

Responsible use

1. First don't be like others posting things that are exposing yourself or others.

2. Be responsible and careful about what you use on the internet.

3. Don't copy things off the internet because its like cheating in a way.


1. One thing is if you see someone online talking stuff about someone report it in some way because the person who is getting bullied will be thankful for what you did to stop the bullying.

2. Cyber bullying can lead people to suicide , and we don't want teenagers dying at a young age.

3. Be careful of the way your talking to someone over text they might not think the same way you are.