Middle School Monday Memo

June 11, 2018

PDE 82 Form

We will be emailing everyone a copy of their PDE 82 form (teachers) with their instructional evaluation score along with their elective score.

  • Elective score is a combination of the overall k-12 score participation and your overall team’s benchmark testing.
  • Overall K-12 School score was 93% = 2.5 score
  • The lowest team score was 96% = 3.00 score
  • The elective score for the middle school is 3.00 based on those scores.

  • Congratulations for all of your hard work to get students tested for the CDT this year! Your hard work is for certain showing!!
  • Please note that the SPP score is listed as 0.00 since we have not received our SPP.

  • Once we receive our SPP score, the 0 will increase, and that new number will be factored in and your overall total points will improve.
  • Evaluations will be emailed to middle school staff, June 12.
  • Evaluations do not need to be signed until we include the SPP score which will be the finalized version.

TB Testing:

  • As per PA school code, all school personnel are to have in their employee file record of being tested for TB.
  • Moving forward, to be in compliance with this requirement, we will work to have this be a part of the pre-employment process for new employees. However, we must also gather this information from all existing employees.
  • If you have had a TB test done since starting employment at Agora, or within three months of when you first started employment with Agora, please send a copy to HR@agora.org.
  • If you have not, whenever you go for a doctor visit, such as for a physical or wellness exam, between now and August, please complete the TB test and submit the results to Human Resources.
  • This does not necessarily need to be a separate trip to the doctor, but whenever you go over the next several months, please just incorporate this in with the planned visit.
  • You can have either the Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) test or an IGRA blood test. This is a one-time requirement, so once we have it on file, we should not need to ask for this again.
  • This will not be reimbursed by the school.

Differentiated Supervision: Teacher Evaluations

  • All teachers are required to participate in the Differentiated Supervision as part of the Evaluation Process that was discussed during the 2014/2015 school year.
  • The upcoming school year will be the fourth year and will start our final cohort of teachers.
  • If you have not previously volunteered to participate in cohorts 1, 2 or 3, you will be automatically placed into cohort 4.
  • Further information will be sent to you regarding the differentiated projects so that you can think about what you would like to do during the 2018/2019 school year.

Days to Remember

  • June 14 - Full day off to those who went to graduation; 1/2 day off everyone else
  • June 15 - School is closed

Student Mailings:

  • Retention letters will be sent to students via snail mail and email this month.
  • They will also receive summer school information options along with their retention letter.
  • Retention letters will be sent from the KOP office.
  • Student honor roll certificates and ribbons/certificates from the awards ceremony will be sent out the end of June from the KOP office.
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