Class KG Newsletter Week 9

Every student has been given sight word lists up to 30 now -so lots of words to learn and revise please.

Monday: Sienna, Rueben, Hunter, Annika, talking and listening. Semester One reports sent home.

Tuesday: Talking day for Hayden, Sylvan, James, Millie. Scripture is on, no Ethics though as Clare is away. Ms Gould working with other K-2 teachers planning.

Wednesday: Talking and Listening Day for Callan, Max, Oliver and Aston. Interivews after school today.

Thursday: Talking day for Oscar, Archie, Ruby and Harry. This is library borrowing day for our class. Please send you child with a plastic bag to put books in- we have had a number of mishaps with drink bottles leaking onto books!! Canteen is on Thursday's. Students can choose from a range of items. CHIME is on for us also today. Interviews today from 12.30pm.

Friday: Talking day for Sofia, Ryan, Kobi and Jarrah. Sports day - wear sport uniform. We will also continue our tango lessons today for the Unexpected Magic show later this year.


Tracy Gould