Education is really important .


The main reasons why education is important for us

  • Education is our main legal right for us to learn something in a save previlegde place .
  • Education can make us get a great awesome amazing job and we could get a lot of knowledge .
  • Education makes our career shine through
  • Eucation is really really important for us too go through in life .

Education in country's

Education in county's out of Canada a'rent the same outside of Canada . The reason why i'm saying this it's because , example : Africa they have really less education and there are less people that are maybe not educated but one thing that is important in Canada and the main fact that we need to be educated is because if we don't get the chance to be educated there is no point at all for us to get a job because being education can benefit you like i said to order to get a job you also need a degree or a certificate to get you're permanit job

All about education