Old Yeller Lit. Circle Project

By: McKenzi Young and Carly Schaffer

Summary Chapters 1-5

In the first 5 chapters there's Little Arliss, Travis, Papa, and Mama. Papa left on a cattle drive so Travis has to be the man of the house. Old Yeller come and ruins a bull show, breakfast, and etc.... The 14 year old hates the rough yellow dog until he saves Arliss from a bear fight and he starts to like him.

Summary Chapters 6-10

Travis starts to like Old Yeller and takes the dog and Arliss on a squirrel hunt. Old Yeller has been helping Travis, like getting squirrels and chasing gobblers. Then the family finds out from Lisbeth, Bud Searcy's granddaughter, that Yeller has been stealing food from houses and has become a father with a dog in town. Next, Old Yeller tamed a stubborn milking cow named Spot. All of a sudden a man came to there house and said that Old Yeller was his dog but then Arliss started crying and the man let Arliss keep the dog. Travis and Yeller were catching the wild hogs when a horn from a boar went into Travis's leg. Then Yeller fought off the hogs but also got hurt, so Travis went walking home on his bad leg for help.

Summary 7-16 By:McKenzi

When Travis got home Mama was too worried about Travis's leg to go get Yeller. Finally, they went to go get Yeller, by the time they got there he was in rough shape. They brought Yeller home. Travis and Yeller had to rest while Mama did all the chores. Lisbeth brought one of Yeller's pups over and Arliss loved it. Bud Searcy said that they could have Lisbeth to help. Then, Travis thinks Spot, their milking cow, has hydrophobia. A bull comes to the house and was also sick of hydrophobia and tried to attack, so travis killed it. Spot was so sick too Travis had to shoot her also. When Lisbeth and Mama were burning Spot's body a sick wolf attacked and Old Yeller was trying to fight it off when he got bit. Old Yeller was now gonna become sick because he was bitten. So, Travis had to put down sweet Old Yeller. Travis took Yeller's death hard, until Papa brought home a beautiful roan horse for Travis. Then, Yeller's little puppy steals some cornbread and Travis sees Old Yeller in his little pup.
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Our favorite paragraphs

I was like Mama. I didn't think Lisbeth Searcy would be ant help around the place. She was too litle and too skinny. I figured she'd just be and extra bother for Mama.

pg. 149

paragraph 1


A big lump came up into my throat. Tears stung by eyes, blinding me. Here he was, trying to lick my wound, when he was bleeding from a dozen worse ones. And worst of all was his belly. It was ripped right open and some of his insides were bulging out through the slit.


paragraph 2

Sad and Scary

A searing pain shot up into my body. I screamed. I stumbled and went down. I screamed louder then, knowing I could never get to my feet in time to escape the rush of angry hogs roaring down upon me.


paragraph 1



The family's house:

Very country and made out of wood. Rustic like the old days.

The woods near their house:

Scary, full of wildlife. A creek