The fifth largest religion in the world

Sikhism Celebrations

On April 14th Sikhism followers celebrate a holiday called Visakhi. It is a cultural and religious holiday. This holiday is celebrated as a harvest festival. This holiday last all day and includes religious services, parades, music and dancing.

Article of faith

The Sikhism religion has 5 very important articles of religion. The Kanga- a special comb the represent cleanliness, Kesh- this is the which symbolizes spiritual power, Kara- a metal bracelet symbolizing strength, Kipan-a religious sword symbolizing readiness to protect the weak and fight for justice, Kachera- Cotton undergarments symbolizing self-discipline.

The Guru Granth Sahib

This is a book of homes and poems. it's a unique thing among holy scriptures, because it contains written words by Sikhs, Saints and prophets of other religions.
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Gurdwaras- Sikh Houses of Worship

This is the Sikhism's holy temple or "golden temple" in Amritsar. It's one of the most popular gurdwaras in the world. The original one was built in the 1580s by Guru Arjan Dev. This place is open to all people despite their religion.