Inventions In 1920


Electricity in home

350 000 families had installed electricity in 1920

by 1930 7/10 of home sin Canada had electricity in their homes

Electrical Gifts

Dishwasher: $145

Egg Cooker: $3

Hair Dryer: $11.50

Ironing Machine: $135.50

Refrigerator: $150

Table Lamp: $2.50

The Automobile

Model T Ford: 1922 most common car(durability, low purchase price, cheap maintenance)

By 1928 half of Canadian homes had an automobile

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Other Inventions

Electric Toasters

Improved electric Iron

Imperial democrat

Commode chair


electric washer

electric vacuum cleaning

coal annex

imperial pitcher-spout


The Inventions In WW1

The inventions in WW1