Mrs. Wolfe's Classroom

Classroom community, high expectations, learning, and fun!

Creating Community in the Classroom

The students in my classroom can most often be observed working, learning, and growing together as individuals and as a team! My favorite ways to create classroom community are through team building games and exercises like the compliment web and the line game, a unity bulletin board complete with student pictures and bio poems, a compliment jar, morning twitter messages to excite classes for the day and afternoon tweets to praise behavior, reinforce content, or remind students of assignments.

You Can Do It! I Believe in You!

I have very high expectations for all of my students. I believe that my job is to give kids all the tools they need to discover and to learn. My teaching strategies are ever evolving and always changing. I tailor my strategy to the mood of the class at any given time. I take into consideration learning styles and adapt my teaching to fit those styles. I love to use strategies such as: interactive notebooks, roleplaying, learning grammar through movement, games, human barometers, and word rings...just to name a few! Once they are given the tools, I monitor, reinforce, and PRAISE their accomplishments and successes! You will never see me behind my desk. I am always roaming the room in wonder at what my students are creating!

What would my students say about me?

They would say that they know that I care about them. They would say that I NEVER give up on them. They would say that I make learning fun!

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