Leif Erickson

by molly furlong

Leif Erickson traveled to the new world in about 1001 AD

why was the voyage undertaken?

the voyage was taken because Leif wanted to find new land with rich land for the vikings. After Leif Erickson left no viking went back.

Leif had returned to greenland after his first voyage. he grew restless so he decided to to find the land west of what Bjarni had spoken about.

challenges faced

Since no vikings went to the new world after Leif left, it caused his discovery to go unknown.

while sailing the wind was fair but it later slowed to a gentle breeze, they sailed for many days and almost ran out of food. they saw some small islands and found they had sailed too far south. the day they landed a storm came in and didnt let them leave for about a month.

evicence of persistence and risk taking

while looking for the land they found land that had seemed to be one huge slab of rock so they sailed farther south and found more land, which is thought to be the east coast of Canada. Leif then sailed southeast for two days and came to an island with mainland that he named vinland, it is now known as North America.

results of exploration

While on the mainland he grew wild grapes in abundance.

Columbus 500 year later found this land and labeled it as his own and got credit for founding it.

country represented

Leif was asked by king Olaf of Norway, who knew his father and worshiped the same gods that Leif had worshiped.
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hand made map of Leif voyage