What's Happening

Friday, May 6th, 2016

Art Show Was A Huge Success!

Last weekend, LMES students' artwork was featured at the regional art show. While we cannot put all of the pictures in this newsletter, here are some of the highlights, featuring some of our budding artists!

Thinking Inside the Box!

One of the math concepts that we focus on in fifth grade is measurement. Students in fifth grade began exploring volume this month by measuring the cubic centimeter dimensions of common household boxes. If you look closely at the pictures, you will see that they are using actual centimeter cubes to figure out the dimensions of the boxes!

Leopard's Pride

About once a month, all of our students, from pre-k to fifth grade, assemble as a community and celebrate the learning that we are doing with a fun, action-filled, multi-media presentation show called Leopard's Pride. April's Leopard's Pride was awesome and filled with amazing talent! Check out some of the performances!

Nothing Minor About This Author Visit!

LMES had the pleasure of a visit from Wendell and Florence Minor, internationally acclaimed authors and illustrators! They gave us a personalized, inside view of their craft and helped us learn that it's ok to make mistakes and to keep working at what you want to be!

Earth Day!

To celebrate Earth Day, students from all grade levels worked as teams to create posters that showed their pledge to help keep the Earth the best it can be!